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  Hot Key Words: Warp Knitting Machine
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TJ5 Double Needle Warp Knitt...

   Founded in 1989, the company, with Cao Junfeng as enterprise legal person, covers an area of more than 60 mu and a construction area of over 30 thousand square meters. With nearly 60 million yuan of fixed assets, it is a specialized high-grade warp knitting machine plant featuring an integration of research, development and production. With more than 120 employees currently and a complete set of machining equipment, the company has comparatively higher capacities and strength in research and development and large-scale production. The company has a group of experienced t...
Corner of a large assembl...
HN-100C (Japan) Horizonta...
MC-1050P machining center
MERLIN-1100 coordinate me...
Horizontal machining cent...
Horizontal machining cent...
Three coordinate measurin...
Gantry 5-axis machining c...
Longmen vertical machinin...
Vertical Machining Center
Height measuring instrume...
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